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    Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengence Review


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    Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengence Review

    Post  Coldkiller85 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:28 pm

    Well, against everyone's advice I went and saw Ghost Rider 2, The movie its self is actually ok, a bit centimatic I must say, its not awful as everyone told me..

    Some pro's of the movie, the plot is entertaining, Nicholas Cage is as crazy as normal. He sure is the best actor to play the character.

    Some Con's to the movie, the guy playing the Devil, was no where near as good as Peter Fonda, omg, thats the worst part of the movie. A surprise cameo by Christopher Lambert, but dang, he dies. The bad guys are a bit bland, although they do shoot the Rider with a Javelin lol.

    Overall out of 10, I give Ghost Rider a 5... next review will be of XMen First Class, i got it in the mail today. Cant wait.!!!!


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